Brigitte Sarfati… the New ‘Normal

And the Way Forward

Brigitte Sarfati
the New ‘Normal’
And the Way Forward

We’re taking a proven and successful brand in Israel, a brand already well-known in the Israeli market to hundreds of thousands and we’re turning it into a high-power, living, breathing, trustworthy global business.

The brand is Brigitte Sarfati – a brand synonymous with upgrading life and boosting achievements by applying Emotional Intelligence.  Indeed, a superpower brand!

Following a great deal of research, we identified the brand attributes; we’ve worked with the brand and continue to be amazed at the brand achievements and life experiences. 

It’s undisputed the global target market – men, women, students – folks from all walks of life across the spectrum – are desperately looking for light at the end of their individual tunnels.

We have seen how the Brigitte Sarfati brand is a promise. We have observed how the brand brings a comfort level to the user. We have experienced the expectations of what a user is going to receive when he/she enters Brigitte Sarfati’’s world of Emotional Intelligence – and Brigitte delivers!

This is a great time to be launching our new global venture. We have a strong team spearheading the venture, and we’re convinced that people around the world will absolutely love Brigitte Sarfati’’s professional approach, her amazing mind-set improving tactics, our outstanding customer service standards and excellent value for money!